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Learning a second language is about enjoying the learning process and ma by making it present in our lives. For that reason, KiKa Languages lessons are not only fun and dynamic but also focus on providing a community feel by undertaking different activities such as videos in our YouTube channel and Spanish story time at your local libraries. , "let's learn about culture" and the annual "Language games". This allows students from all ages to experience the language in more than one single channel as well as interact with others that learn and speak the same language developing a sense of belonging.


  • Your child will not only learn a new language but will also be introduced to new cultures that will open up new perspectives on how they view the world. 

  • Our students enjoy coming to class, your child will be in a small group of similar aged students. 

  • We've been successfully delivering our classes for over 4 years and we continue to evolve our format and syllabus in response to how children respond. 

  • We are passionate about what we do and this is key to delivering enjoyable classes in which children develop and improve.


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