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Pollitos are our youngest beginners. The class involves a mix of fun songs, role-playing, puppets, games, and craft where they can use their senses to explore and learn means they easily engage with the lesson. Pollitos introduces the foundation for learning Spanish. Children learn 3-5 words per class they also work on their listening skills and their verbal skills with fun activities that will encourage them to repeat the vocabulary covered in class.



Pollitos group classes have a duration of 30min. 

Pollitos private lessons have a duration of 45min. 


The cost of the lessons includes an audio CD to practise the vocabulary learned in class.




Potrillos are our very energetic preschoolers. Potrillos will learn 5 words per week and the structure of each lesson includes the use of key sentences, story telling, and group work. In particular activities such as “Show & Share” encourage students to express themselves in Spanish. At the end of each class, they will receive activities to do at home to help with continual practice.


We offer private and group classes. 

OSOS (children 6 -8yo)

Osos will learn to read, write and speak in Spanish. Osos will learn Spanish grammar, verbs, and vocabulary. All of this by using a workbook provided in the class specially created for our students. The workbook contains explanations of terms, vocabulary, and exercises that we will cover during each term. The structure of the classes combines videos, games, readings and small presentations that will make learning enjoyable. Most of all the lessons are very dynamic and mix different activities so our students not only enjoy the lesson but also are motivated to keep learning.


Osos group classes have a duration of 45min and we offer group and private lessons. 


JAGUARES (students 9 -15yo)

Jaguagres enter deeper into Spanish grammar. Jaguagres use a workbook provided by us and created especially for our students. The structure of the lesson combines listening activities, reading activities, workbook exercises, videos, and games. The classes are delivered in a dynamic format and after the introduction of each theme we review it with activities that entertain and challenge our students, such as contests, memory games, video making, etc


Jaguares group and private classes have a duration of 45min.




ADULTS (16yo and over)

Our classes are dynamic and entertaining while being customised to meet your own needs. Our language coaches are highly qualified bilingual professors, with a proven approach to teaching Spanish. Teaching materials and activities used during and after class help you to develop written and verbal skills, and to accelerate your learning according to your personal goals and timeframe.

POLLITOS (children 2-3yo)

POTRILLOS (children 4-5yo)

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