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KiKa currently offers Spanish classes in Sydney and Melbourne for children from 2 years of age to teens.  We also offer one-to-one Spanish tuition or online lessons for adults who want to support their children’s learning, or who simply want to develop or practise their own Spanish language skills.


Kika is dedicated to making Spanish simple and fun to learn.


All our language tutors are Spanish native speakers with extensive teaching experience.  We are committed to understanding your requirements, delivering high-quality lessons and providing the right atmosphere and environment to learn.


Kika prides itself on providing well-structured lessons, within an atmosphere conducive to learning.



We understand that as a parent you want to prepare and equip your children for a happy and successful life, by providing them with a range of learning opportunities.   We believe that happiness can come from having the freedom to make choices in life.  


Those choices can be greatly enhanced by giving your child the opportunity to learn, and then communicate in another language.  


The ability to communicate in a non-native language not only increases cognitive skills but, enables the exploration of a different culture and the development of social skills.  All of which can open doors to a world of opportunity for future choices. 


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